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Annie Cosby


Fadó, Fadó—"Long, Long Ago"—is a fascinating collection of short stories about the frightening mythical creatures that plagued the ancient Celts.


Knowledge passed down through Celtic generations brings these creatures alive in these ten stories. Sure to romance your heart and your spirit...but don't be surprised if your imagination runs wild when you hear the whisper of the wind outside your window.

We present these creatures for your reading pleasure along with wonderfully creepy illustrations by artist Brett Manning. In tales like "The Curse of the Banshee" and "Mother Merrow," you'll be transported to a time when nothing was as it seemed.

These are, of course, the very stories eagerly read by Mrs. Lia O'Leary in the USA Today-recommended Hearts Out of Water selkie series. As a companion collection, Fadó, Fadó can be read before or after Hearts Out of Water, or on its own.

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© Copyright 2018 by Annie Cosby.

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